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The quality of the writing is remarkable, as is the comprehension and monitoring of the case.

Cabinet Poncet is a small-scale, highly professional team that shows great attention to detail, amazing precision, and personalized case management. I am pleased to recommend this inventive firm. They will assist you in defining your problem and will find the appropriate protection solutions.

Professionalism that shows through pleasant and friendly communication.

Cabinet Poncet is a small-scale firm that immediately makes you feel comfortable and confident when handing over your projects. You can rest assured that they will be processed successfully.

The people with Cabinet Poncet are highly competent

The team at Cabinet Poncet is very competent, precise, clear, concise, responsive, and exhaustive insofar as we have always obtained the results we expected in the given deadline.

We particularly appreciate their accuracy, attention to detail, and monitoring

Cabinet Poncet is a very serious, highly skilled, and experienced law firm that can be relied on to provide very detailed explanations.

The teams at Cabinet Poncet are really by our side

For several decades, we have relied on Cabinet Poncet’s expertise and conscientiousness to guide us in our choices regarding intellectual property. 

We particularly appreciate the accuracy, attention to detail, availability, and conscientiousness of the team

Cabinet Poncet is a serious law firm that is well established in the region with an excellent reputation.

We particularly appreciate their conscientiousness and the quality of the advice they give

Cabinet Poncet is specialised in intellectual property for patent and trademark filings.

Cabinet Poncet is a family affair that works like clockwork.

If you encounter a situation that gets you thinking out loud, “It would be great if this process or product could exist to improve or facilitate our daily lives”. Don’t leave those words hanging! Confide in Cabinet Poncet. 

Cabinet Poncet delivers fast, high-quality work.

Cabinet Poncet is a competent and efficient firm which knows how to alert clients to any difficulties related to the processing of their cases and offers appropriate solutions.

I particularly liked how well they listened to me

Patent filing and monitoring is a trade full of pitfalls and in my opinion, to perform it correctly you need to have extensive experience, fully understand the case and its most intricate details, and then be able to protect it as well as possible.

The team assists us on a daily basis in trudging through the jungle that is international trademark law

Cabinet Poncet has been a partner for many years now

We appreciate the team’s availability

A professional acquaintance recommended using Cabinet Poncet to file our trademarks with the INPI, particularly because we had a number of questions and issues related to these filings.

We appreciate the team’s responsiveness

This is a serious firm with professional people who provide us with answers to the questions we have in the very complex field of patent law.

They are a trusted partner, and we appreciate their accuracy and attention to detail

Our patents have been structured and filed by Cabinet Poncet for several years. 

Cabinet Poncet closed an absolutely remarkable negotiation

Our small family business is celebrating our 30th anniversary this year.

Cabinet Poncet listened to us and rapidly understood our needs

When we set up our new ticketing system, we needed to register a new trademark, renew an old one, and set up a new domain name for an online sales website.

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