Patents of invention


A patent is a title deed intended to protect an invention by conferring an operating monopoly for a maximum of 20 years. An invention is a technical solution to a technical problem.

To be patentable, an invention must meet the following legal criteria :

  • be of both a concrete and technical character,
  • be novel,*
  • involve an inventive step,
  • be industrially applicable.


The drafting of a patent requires particular care and cannot be improvised: the monopoly that will be obtained will depend on the definition of the terminology expressed for the invention, which can no longer be modified after filing.

In addition, the drafting must meet very strict legal criteria—clarity, sufficiency of disclosure, etc.—and must follow a precise formalism. The same applies to any drawings accompanying the description.

Our team is able to assist you by drafting, filing, and defending your interests during the examination procedure of your patent application to adequately protect your invention—in France and internationally.

A patent also requires regular monitoring and actions to be taken according to legal deadlines that are mandatory for the patent to be maintained in force. Our team is built to manage patent monitoring in a timely, accurate, and reliable manner.

*Please note: to meet the novelty criterion, it is essential not to disclose the invention before the official filing of the patent.

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