Cabinet Poncet Law Firm


About us

Founded in Annecy in 1976 by Jean-François Poncet and his wife, Florence Poncet, Cabinet Poncet is an Industrial Property law firm specialised in protecting innovations: filing patents, trademarks, designs, and models in France and around the world.

The law firm is now headed by Amandine de Nantes (née Poncet) and her husband Olivier de Nantes.

Our law firm assists a diverse clientele composed of companies, individuals, and institutions operating in a wide range of technical and commercial fields.

Our clients are among some of the most successful industrial companies in France and Europe, some of which had their first patents or trademarks registered by us.

Our network of foreign partners, located in almost every country in the world and specialised in their national laws, makes it possible for our law firm to assist you in all your international issues.


Our philosophy

Our family-run law firm assists our clients by building long-term relationships based on trust. Some of the business owners we assist have been our clients for three generations!

Because we are a small firm that creates close ties with our clients, we are able to respond quickly to your requests while remaining cost effective. We do not prioritize cases into categories. We strive to provide every client with quality of service that meets your needs and follows your restrictions.

We are bound by strict professional confidentiality, and we commit to being the confidants our clients require (article L.422-11 of the Intellectual Property Code).


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Our Expertises

Free competition is a fundamental principle of the global economy. In this context, companies that invest in innovation in order to stand out from their competitors are subject to the risk of being copied.

The law provides only a limited number of exceptions against copying, such as patent rights, trademark rights, design or model rights, and copyrights.

Our firm's mission is to help our clients protect their investments in technical, commercial, or aesthetic research and development.

Our expertise lies in:


  • performing prior art searches and availability analyses
  • filing and maintaining patents, trademarks, models, and designs in France and all over the world
  • reserving and renewing domain names
  • drafting intellectual property agreements: licensing, assignment, collaboration, consortium, confidentiality, coexistence
  • litigation (defence and plaintiff): nullity, cancellation, opposition, infringement, counterfeit, analysis of validity and freedom to operate
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