« Legally formed contracts serve as law for those who entered into them » (Article 1103 of the French Civil Code)

In other words, a contract is nothing more than the ground rules for the relationship between two people (partners or competitors) who have common but also divergent interests. These ground rules can place very different obligations on the parties. It is better to avoid bearing obligations that are against your interests.

A contract is never a simple standard form to be completed: to avoid any unpleasant surprises, it must be carefully drafted according to the specificities of the law in question, as well as the law of the country in question. 

Our multidisciplinary team is able to understand and take into account technical and/or commercial specificities—as well as specificities related to the characteristics of the contracting companies themselves.

Our firm assists and represents you in negotiating any contracts relating to Industrial or Intellectual Property rights. We draft contracts designed to protect your interests from your project’s inception to non-disclosure agreements, for example, and to make sure your collaborative projects—partnership, consortium, research and development contracts, etc.—run smoothly.

We also draft contracts and agreements to enable you to make use of your Industrial or Intellectual Property rights through assignment agreements, licensing agreements, co-ownership agreements, coexistence agreements, etc.).

Lastly, signing a contract is not always enough. Enforcing a contract against third parties often necessitates the completion of very specific formalities, and our firm has proven experience in these procedures.

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